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Help:Image from Commons

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Wikimedia Commons ( serves as a media repository for the various Wikipedia. It contains many images which are freely usable.

It is possible with this annotation to select one image from Commons to illustrate a concept. When viewing an Expression: page, the image will appear on the side of the screen. See for example Expression:mouse where each concept has a different image. The displayed image provides a link to the image description at Commons, where one can see the image at full resolution and its license information.

Since the annotation is available at the DefinedMeaning level, it means that when the image is added once for the concept, it becomes available for all the languages. In the "mouse" example, see for example Expression:souris, Expression:マウス, etc.

How to add an image from Commons[edit]

When you edit a Expression: or DefinedMeaning: page, there is the possibility to add DefinedMeaning annotations at the bottom, between Classes and Collections.

  • Select Annotation => Link.
  • In the dropdown box, select "Image from Commons"
  • In the URL, past the full URL of the relevant page at Commons, e.g. " "
  • As a label, put the name of the file, e.g. " 2-buttons_mouse.jpg "
    • Note: the label is not so important in that case. However, it is the same label for all languages. Setting it as the file name is a simple solution to avoid wondering which language to use as a label.

Properties of the image[edit]

The following image formats have been tested and work properly: gif, jpg, png, svg.

The width of the image should be at least 200 pixels. Otherwise, it will not be displayed.


If the image was entered correctly, it should be displayed next to the corresponding definition like this:


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